Wait. WHAT? you actually want inefficient and dull?
Wait. WHAT? you actually WANT inefficient and dull?
Because your business can't make money if it is not innovative...
How can I help you to make your workplace more innovate?
3 easy steps.....
  • Workplace Analysis + Space assessment: Snapshot of your existing space utilization & needs.
  • Consultation + Client brief: Understanding your needs & requirements
  • Analysis report + Suggestions: Ideas and suggestions to maximise your space & productivity.
  • Concept + 3D drawings: Drawings & suggested finishes to get an idea of your finished interior space
  • Space Planning: Layouts with options for effective use of space.
  • Detailed drawings + Quotes:  Drawings for construction & detailed accurate quotes.
  •  Project planning: Plan your project, timelines & Budgets.
  • Project Management: Manage the coordination and installation of all required elements that complete your new environment.
  • Relocation Management: Turnkey seamless & streamlined relocation solutions
Having completed a Fine Arts Matric at the Art, Ballet, Drama and Music school in Johannesburg, Karyn Reynolds, founder and owner of PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors, was awarded a bursary to study Interior Design at Inscape in 1990 - this was as a result of her phenomenal talent and natural flair in design.
Once qualified, Karyn worked as an Interior Designer from 1991 - 2000 in the Commercial, Retail, Hospitality and Residential sectors, working on large projects including Hunt Lascaris TBWA; Rand Coal, Bump Night Club, The Lost City, Yo Sushi, Platinum mines, Kilimanjaro night club, the very first MTN store & nationwide store roll-out and many, many more!
This allowed Karyn to gain valuable experience and skill, consistently creating breathtaking and beautiful interiors, with her amazing talent for Space Planning, effective space utilization skills and her innovative design ability - this coupled with her natural fair for brining colour and texture and together, Karyn will insure that each and every project is designed and implemented with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Karyn Reynolds established PurpleChilli Lifestyle Interiors in the year 2000. She draws on 27 years’ experience of designing beautiful, functional Interiors. Karyn have built an impressive portfolio of interior design projects in the commercial, hospitality, retail and residential sectors. Her track record includes creating beautiful, well planned interior spaces for offices, shops, bars, restaurants, country clubs, hotels and private houses, among others.  
Welcome to PurpleChilli - WorkPlace Design Specialists
 We are experienced designers, space planners and project managers. We combine simplicity, integrity and imagination to design, create and build spaces for people to  work in. We inspire exceptional dreams, stimulated minds and productive lives.  
We offer a complete interior architecture design service, bringing the highest levels of client service and talent to all projects in the commercial sector. 

We manage projects throughout the process, from conception to completion.

Our scientific approach to space planning helps you to reduce cost and increase productivity. We have developed a methodology to maximise your space, taking into account your existing or proposed assets. Our approach saves time, money and hassle, while improving output and increasing revenue. 

We balance aesthetics and sound commercial logic to achieve innovative yet practical results. You will benefit from our passion, talent and attention to detail while retaining confidence in our service-driven ethos and robust implementation experience. 
PurpleChilli Operate from CapeTown and Johannesburg South Africa, and we consult world wide. No project is too small or too large!

Innovative use of colour and materials

Karyn Reynolds was involved in the interior design of 600m2 of Office space, for the new offices of Acer Sunninghill.
We were impressed by her design flair; innovative use of colour and materials in both office and boardroom areas. The overall effect has been totally successful and very pleasing.
I have no hesitation in recommending Karyn for any design projects of this nature
Yours Sincerely , Annaleen Cronje -  Project Co-ordinator 
Acer Africa (PTY) Ltd

Karyn exceeded her duties to our complete satisfaction during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 

 Karyn is a very reliable, committed and applies herself at all times. She is friendly and has a proactive attitude. We are pleased to confirm that Karyn exceeded her duties to our complete satisfaction during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup  in South Africa. 
Matthias Roth , Head of Technical & Operation, MATCH Hospitality AG, Aurorastrasse 100, CH-8032 Zurich, Switzerland 

Pleasing and practical design solutions

PurpleChilli Interiors
.. regularly produce unique, pleasing and practical design solutions
.. for a variety of interior design applications
.. with specialized knowledge in  commercial design
.. the end result is fresh, workable and pleasing on the eye
.. and includes original artworks, intriguing rope-walls and paint-effects.  
- du Plooy Studios

Interior Design is in the first place, the art of designing a space to fulfil the function of the space, {FUNCTIONALITY} including how humans will interact with the space. Secondly, it is the art of making the space aesthetically pleasing {LOOK AND FEEL}.  
To Create an effective Workplace Interior you need to add certain ingredients in different proportions at specific intervals, baked over the required time at the correct temperature resulting in a beautiful and Practical Workplace Interior.
Hiring an interior Designer can aid you in avoiding costly mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, an Interior Designer can help you save money on any interior environment project. 
This can be achieved with effective Budgeting, intelligent space planning and skilful project management.
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